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Asian pear cake and me rambling

I like to ramble. It’s my thing. I listen to a song, or watch a show, and I get inspired to ramble. Lately I have been rambling more in my own head, drifting off to what I want to really be doing at that moment. My life is in a great spot, I am thankful, I just strive for more. I want to put the work in and get to that place where I can do what I love everyday, when it’s hard, when I am creatively blocked, but challenged. I have finally, and I mean FINALLY found a passion, and I want to do it all the time. But for now I can’t, but when I do it, man it’s all I can do to not jump to the next moment and keep going. My ramble for today.

I made Tartelette’s pear cake-my only changes were I used asian pears, and mine took about 20 minutes longer to cook, I think because I used a regular oven proof skillet and not cast iron (I need a new one) Love Tartelette by the way, I hope to do one of her workshops in the future.



My Heart is always in it

My posts seem to be about food and life, but you really can’t have one without the other. The people that come in and out of our lives can invoke or inspire a song, food, or whatever you are into. I had one of the best Saturday nights I have had in a long time. It was chill, fun, got to know people from kickboxing on another level. I let go of my normal reserve and sang, and yelled, and just laughed.

Today I said no baking, with my few hours of sleep and raspy voice. In the end there was pear bread. Smitten Kitchen, one of my favorite blogs and bloggers has this great recipe and I decided to go for it. My additions were to add more pear, which happened to be quite juicy, and to add my signature sprinkle of raw sugar to what is now the bottom of the cake. If you have never been I’m smitten kitchen, I urge you to run, not walk. Pictures are awesome, recipes and writing always great. Plus there is usually a new picture of Jacob up, so that works for me!

Pear bread. Been thinking about someone I have known for almost twenty years. This person is like the pear-not perfect, flawed and has some scratches on them. But sweet and worth knowing on the inside