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What the what (banana cheesecake)

Social media. It can be a curse or a great way to make friends/connect/learn. I have made some wonderful friends and met some major people in my life via the internet. One is Dawn of Sweet Considerations. She is a gem, and she sent me a bunch of recipes because she is awesome like that. One of the recipes was for Banana Cheesecake. I am always looking for ways to get rid of bananas in my house (Mad always says she will get to them, uh huh) and this was a great way to use them up. While the recipe calls for 6, I only used 3 for the filling and one for the topping. My only other change was I used Nila wafers for the crust, and let me say it was a hit. My work (boss especially) requested this the same day I made it. So twice this week people have been amazed by this great cheesecake which is simple to make, and easy to serve. So Dawn thank you so much, and followers find her on instagram/twitter/facebook, she is talented and wonderful and I can’t wait to get back to Chicago to meet her!





Ego and cheesecake

To be in food, you have to have an ego. It’s the dirty truth. You have to think highly (and low at the same time) of yourself, to push through the tired, dirty, hot mess of it all. You have to think you are good enough to bake it, cook it, take a picture of it, serve it, or you will not cook/bake like you really want. A person who loves it and likes it can make the same recipe, and it won’t come out the same way. You do bake with emotion, cook with love. And a meal/dessert/whatever can truly be expressed without words if made right. I love when people love my baking, I love the compliments, the happiness it invokes in people. I love the followers on instagram who like my pictures, think my food looks good enough to eat. It drives you to do more, be more. So to pretend to be humble all the time, you aren’t fooling a fellow baker/cook/chef-we get it 🙂 

This is New York style cheesecake. And it really is that good. Image