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Apple inspired

Candied/caramel apples. I am obsessed right now. I am going to cover them in a zillion different things, photograph it, and post it here like it’s raining apples. 

People who really know me know that sending me an email, link, story, etc with a recipe or a food/dessert is like a holiday to me. I love it. And when I get it in my head to try it, re-create it, tweak it, I can’t let it go (no one can say I have commitment issues, well with food anyway) So here is the first apple-just straight forward, caramel covered and with assorted candies to cover it in. But it’s going to get real crazy around this blog soon, so stay tuned.



Cookbooks and apple tart

I read cookbooks like most people read regular books. Page by page, recipe by recipe, folding down the pages of things I have to make. Let’s just say my “to make” pile is getting larger and larger.  This recipe I found in a 6 dollar french cookbook at Barnes and Noble. Don’t knock the bargain section, especially if you are like me and only use a few recipes out of a cookbook which can you easily set you back $30. So I made apple tart, using store-bought puff pastry. Ever tried making it from scratch? It’s a royal pain. Even my baking teacher in culinary school said just buy it. Make a tart or tatin as the book calls it. It’s fancy and easy and tastes divine. 


Life and lemons

I have had some earth shattering, breaking news happen lately. And it’s blown me, and shaken me to my core. I keep thinking “when will I crumble under all this?” because it feels close. But I am going to keep on going, and see what lies behind the trenches, the valleys and hills, the broken hearts, and the distrusting souls. I am bone tired, and I want to bake my heart out this weekend. Not sure what or which is going to win. Image

Fairy tales

I don’t much believe in magic, but I think a lot of things can be magical. A sunset, laughter, a baby smile. Usually my feet are planted firmly on the ground, but there are times when I wish for something a little dreamy and out of reach. This apple picture makes me think of those things, and that is one thing I hope I never lose-my ability to dream bigger than reality