My gran and beef vegetable soup with kale

My gran. She is something else. She has a lot to say about this kale “craze” She thinks it’s just that, crazy. She told me that in her day they ate kale all the time because it was accessible and cheap. So she won’t touch it now. She calls it “poor people food that now rich people like so it’s expensive” I love her more than words can say. She calls me over to open bottles of wine on my way to work so she can have some that evening with her dinner (I finally bought her a cordless wine opener so she can have it anytime) She texts, she has an Ipad and a Kindle, and a cat named Henry (i get daily updates on his eating schedule and how he likes to help her make the bed) 

Despite her annoyance with kale, she said she is willing to test out this new beef vegetable soup recipe I just put together. So enjoy it with or without kale, and be a badass in your 80’s, because you can. 


Beef Vegetable soup with kale


18 oz chuck steak (4 small chuck steaks) cut into bite size pieces and pat dry

2 thyme leaves

1 tsp salt

½ tsp pepper

1 tablespoon olive oil


Soup base

1/3 cup chopped celery

¼ cup chopped carrots

1 medium onion chopped

1 clove garlic

1/3 cup white wine

5 cups beef stock/broth

1 cup water

bay leaf


Vegetables for soup

½ cup mushrooms (used bellas)

1/3 cup carrots (baby carrots cut in half)

1/3 cup halved green beans (used fresh) or can of green beans drained

1/3 cup sweet corn (used frozen) or can drained

3 medium potatoes cut in bite sized pieces


1/3 cup kale


Preheat oven to 375


In a heavy pot or dutch oven, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil on medium high heat

Season beef with salt and pepper and add to the hot pot along with the two thyme leaves

Cook until outside has a nice sear, about five minutes

Remove beef from pot and set aside


With pot still on medium high heat, add celery, carrots, onion, and garlic

Stir occasionally, until tender, about 6-7 minutes

Add white wine and scrap bottom of the pot to get the brown bits

Add beef broth, water and bay leaf and simmer for ten minutes

Remove from heat


Drain broth into a bowl over a strainer, add broth back to the pot

Add the beef and cook in the preheated oven for 30 minutes

Remove soup from oven, add all the vegetables (except the kale) and cook for 30-35 more minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked through (season with more salt/pepper to taste)

Remove soup from oven and stir in kale, letting soften for about 3 minutes.


Serve immediately or let cool to room temp

Can be kept in fridge for up to one week or frozen for two months





10 thoughts on “My gran and beef vegetable soup with kale”

  1. Hahaha, love your gran’s take on kale! And I totally agree that it’s funny (put benignly…) the number of food trends that exist that are “poor people food that now rich people like so it’s expensive.” But this looks absolutely delicious, so hope she gives it a try anyway 🙂

    1. thanks tworedbowls! she was very willing to try it and had advice on when to add it. she is hilarious and I am lucky to be so close to her.

  2. Your gran sounds fabulous! I think that kale is over priced, but it’s only because it’s the current fad food. It will die down soon! Your soup looks delicious though, I might have to break the bank and purchase some kale…

    1. I am doing a CSA program through work, so they have been sending kale and I have been looking for new things to do with it. Gran is great, she still drives (lead foot) and is a wealth of knowledge and love.

  3. Isn’t it funny. Kale hasn’t caught on over here in the UK. I happen to like the stuff, and don’t care if it’s the next fad or not. It’s like swede (rutabaga) that I was cooking for a flatmate from the Basque country in Spain. She nearly snorted, ‘my father feeds those to the cows!’ Don’t care. Happen to love swede 🙂

    1. isn’t it funny how foods start as something else and finish up being “the it thing” or vice versa. we like what we like right? 🙂

  4. Your Gran sounds awesome! And I have to admit to not loving kale in huge amounts, but it looks and sounds amazing in your dish! Will have to try it!

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