The other parts of my life

I am still working on the apples, but I spent most of my Sunday in a small town for my daughter’s soccer game. It was about 48 degrees, raining, windy, and all the other miserable conditions you can think of. So taking pictures during the actual game was not feasible, seeing as I was wearing three coats, two hats, and a pair of gloves under a cardigan. 

But before they played, during warmups, I was able to catch a few slow rain moments and take a few pictures. Fall is the season I always look forward to, the warm baking, the slippers, the soups, and the leaves changing colors.  So this post is nothing more than a few pictures I took yesterday while waiting for the game to start. I was in a weird mood, not feeling the best mentally, so seeing the beauty and “oddness” in my new surroundings helped me figure out where I was in that moment. 

Recipes back soon. 







3 thoughts on “The other parts of my life”

  1. You have a great site…”drizzled” with variety! You can bring your slippers and bake in my kitchen anytime!

    Thanks for your visit as well.

    Better Days…

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