Vegetarian stuffed peppers

I am not a big vegetable person, and I know how terrible that sounds.  Part of it is growing up eating only french cut green beans and canned corn.  I just don’t care for many others.  But I decided to make these stuffed peppers after picking one up at the farm stand (and for me a farm stand is near Target-that is how I roll country) You can always add ground meat, turkey or chicken, or cook the rice in broth to give it a meatier flavor.  But vegetables are good for you, “they will make your eyes shine” as my gran always says

Vegetarian stuffed peppers (makes 3-4 pepper stuffing)

2 cups cooked long grain brown rice

3-4 peppers, any color you like with tops cut off and insides scooped out

4 oz tomato sauce

1 sliced carrot

1 sliced celery 

italian seasoning

salt and pepper to taste


2 T shredded cheese (I used an italian blend)


Melt half a tablespoon of butter in a sauce pan on medium high heat

once melted, add sliced carrot and celery, cook until soft

add tomato sauce, seasoning, salt and pepper, cook for 5 minutes

Add cooked rice, stir until combine and warm

*you can quickly char your peppers at this point if you want

fill peppers with filling and sprinkle with cheese





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