Brick walls and blueberry hand pies

I haven’t been blogging like I should be. I had a few weeks of a too hot kitchen, life bumps and bruises, and lack of inspiration. And then Bon Appetit hit me like a brick wall. They had a beautiful picture of blueberry hand pies. And I knew I had to make them. Usually I am alone when I bake, I turn some music on and go to town. But my lovely friend Abbie had asked to hang out, and she was my company while I mixed and pressed and cut. These hand pies are fun, portable, easy, and delicious. My only changes to the recipe were I added more blueberries, lemon zest and lemon juice. I like my desserts with a tart kick. You can use pretty much any summer fruit that you want. But make something, make it with a friend over, make it to cheer a family member up, or just make them to try a great summer recipe. I think I am back in full force, and I thank all of you for reading.



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