The heat is keeping me out of the kitchen. I have finally admitted defeat. I did buy a bunch of fruits and such yesterday at Whole Foods, so I am hoping that will help me decide to bake and photograph. So this post is just about being cool. Not so much cool like Dylan from 90210 cool, more cool when life is crumbling around you. Usually I am not the calmest during those times, but right now I am feeling good with my place in life, my path, my choices. Maybe it’s age, maybe it’s finally deciding to let go of those things and people that can poison your mind into thinking that you have to, when in fact you don’t. 

So here are some pictures, strawberries and my heart, my kid. I took her senior pictures for her, as I feel I am a so-so photographer and could save a bunch of $$ doing it myself. Plus her being so darn pretty made my job easier. Enjoy summer, because come fall this blog is going to be happy and filled with warm, tummy filling recipes.





4 thoughts on “Chill”

  1. Gorgeous photo of those strawberries! I bake according to the fruit that’s on sale, and this week it was strawberries — so I made strawberry bread to bring to my parents’ house this morning. Turned out wonderful! And your daughter’s gorgeous; adorable photo. 🙂

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