Feature Friday SP

This week’s feature is by Sharon Penne-I met Sharon eons ago at work, and she was such a great support when I quit smoking. You have three gorgeous boys, and I miss having lunch with you guys. Thank you for answering my questions. If you were a dessert, I think you would be tiramisu 

1. I think my favorite memories of you are: 1. Your overall spunk and drive. I knew getting my billing in on time meant you would continue to respect and speak to me because I respected you and your time. If not, watch out. 2. You quit smoking. That speaks volumes for your strength and for your ability to work hard.

2. I think dark chocolate is my favorite comfort food right now. There is also a trail mix that includes dried raspberries, dark chocolate chips, almonds and peanuts. This makes me happy because I Love dark chocolate and I pretend like if I eat it all, it doesn’t matter because I am getting so much protein. 3. I think I enjoy grilling the most. Something about grilling meat and vegetables and the smell. It makes me think of summer as a child or camping or family. 4. I am totally doing what I wanted to do. I wanted the chance to be a mom and a wife. I think what I like most about my life is that I get the chance to try to do better every day. 5. Batman is at my house.


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