Feature Friday

Emily Z-I have known you forever it seems like. We have both had major hair transformations, both quit smoking, but both a pain the ass sometimes 🙂 You would be a rum raisin bundt cake if you were a dessert. Here are her answers to my questions:

How we met: 
1. We met at the butt hut at work when we both still smoked. My dad had just 
passed away, and you - unknowing that my mom had died almost 2 years before - 
asked how my mom was. I said the first thing that came to my tongue - "COLD". 

Favorite comfort food: 2. I would have to say sweet stuff is my comfort food. Cakes, cookies, chocolate.
Favorite meal to cook for your family:
3. I like making big pots of soup or chili, or chicken/pork chops and rice.

Are you doing what you thought you would be, and if not what would you be? 4. I always wanted to be a nurse.

Say anything
5. Rosemary Flatbread.

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