Feature Friday RP

Rowena-man alive I met you when I was a scrawny middle schooler with a crush on a boy named Anthony. Here are your answers to my five questions. If you were a dessert, I think you would be a strawberry shortcake

1. We met in the sixth grade at Wagner Middle School…my favorite memory of you: potato chips and pretzel twists! To this day, I think they are still a great snack combination…GENIUS!

2. Favorite comfort food: anything that involves homemade mashed potatoes made with real butter and cream/whole milk. Reminds me of Thanksgiving food comas, when you have the right to eat and be lazy all day and be thankful to be blessed with such a right that you can either stay home or shop the day after!

3. Favorite meal to cook for my family: baked mostaccioli with red wine meat sauce, garlic-rosemary focaccia, and roasted broccoli with Parmesan.

4. I’m doing exactly what I thought I thought I’d be doing in life which is finally acting like a real grown up, being someone people look up to, and making my family and friends proud of me (:

5. Time and distance may have kept us apart, but I am so grateful to have met you and have you as a part of my wonderful childhood…many of my favorite memories include the time spent at Clark Air Base


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