Baking truth

Sometimes we don’t have time to make everything from scratch. And that is ok, no one is judging. Unless you unwrap a bunch of store bought Rice Krispie bars and put them on a fancy plate, then I am judging you. But I am getting off point. Cake mixes-use them. They are quick, cheap, and tasty. I use them, and I went to grueling school to learn how to make from scratch cake. But if I am in a hurry I will buy a buck cake box in a hot second. Stick with name brand, let’s have some standards here. Even when using a box mix, I always use homemade frosting, a tub of frosting is literally my line. This cake was made tonight for dessert/work tomorrow. It’s a chocolate fudge cake, with homemade whipped cream in the middle, and I frosted it with Smitten Kitchen’s fudge frosting. I have some glazed strawberries in strawberry balsamic vinegar that will go on top at the last minute (pictures of that tomorrow) 

In conclusion (as if I am writing a book report) don’t be ashamed of cake mixes, just always tell the truth if asked. I will post a homemade cake recipe soon, which is just as easy, just a few more steps. Happy baking

Frosting I used (recipe about halfway down)

Cake is Duncan Hines chocolate fudge 

Homemade whip cream

Cup of heavy whipping cream

teaspoon vanilla

1/2 to 3/4 cup powdered sugar (or until it’s sweet enough for you)

Combine all ingredients, whisk by hand, or combine in standing mixer until medium peaks 



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