Hamburgers, and food hang-ups

Anyone watching ‘Next Food Network Star’? I always watch this during the summer when all the other shows are on hiatus. They did a burger bash, and I was hooked. I kept daydreaming about burgers, pictures of burgers, and ways to dress them up. I will share my madness below.

I am not going to go into crazy detail on my food hang-ups, but let’s just say I have to have a burger a certain way, with an OCD meat/bun ratio. Hey it’s my thing, I own it, but some people find it odd (i will just say no meat can hang over the bun) So this burger has a big bun, to cover all the meat. I garnished it with a combo slaw, stone ground yellow mustard, red onions, and tomatoes. The meat is seasoned with just salt and pepper, and cooked on the stove in a grill pan. I got a pound of ground chuck for two burgers, the butcher told me a half pound per burger. And make sure your meat has some fat in it, so it will stay juicy and tasty. Some people mix meats, but I am a ground meat purist. 

My informal recipe-make your patties, thick and round. Heat up your grill pan pretty hot, and go to town. Flip once the meat has had a few minutes to brown on one side. I also used a pot top to cover the burger, let the steam stay in to cook through. Once it’s to your doneness (i am a well done girl, i know, i know) add your cheese (I used fresh deli sliced provolone) and let melt. Garnish with any toppings you like, and enjoy with a beer, lemonade, fries, chips, pickles, or solo. It’s summer people. Let’s do this. 





2 thoughts on “Hamburgers, and food hang-ups”

  1. I guess I don’t like the meat to hangover the bun but more importantly too large of a bun bothers me…I hate when I am getting bites of bread before burger.

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