Love songs

I haven’t baked lately, and I am starting to really feel it. I had a bad case of strep throat, my not so little one went out of town, and life has just been in the way. But I already have the cookbook open to the next recipe, and I can’t wait to bake it and take pictures. Coming soon

Since I have been sick, I have been spending a lot of time listening to podcasts, music, and spending some time with my old friend Goran (Law and Order Criminal Intent) One song I play over and over is ‘Sideways’ by Citizen Cope. If you haven’t heard it, Youtube it, I guarantee we have all been there or are there. So this is my post until I can get back in the kitchen, a song about loss, love, and everything we feel with our hearts and souls. I will add a picture for those of us who are visual. 



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