This might be how Mariah Carey feels every day

So let’s talk shop shall we? Or more let’s talk about the thin line between confidence and cockiness. Now I know I am good at some things-baking, sarcasm, shoe shopping, saying no (to people’s fashion choices) and starting to get really good at photography. Now I say all this with confidence, with just a small bit of cockiness for good measure. As I have blogged about before, you have to have some ego and belief that you are good at something to write, take pictures, bake, cook, sew, be president, etc. You wouldn’t be where you are or where you are headed without it. Taking chances, being better than others is why we do what we do. But it makes people uncomfortable to talk about, or it makes people feel bad that they deep down feel this way. I am becoming more of the type of person who isn’t feeling so bad about myself, my talents, my ability to do well in certain areas. I feel like I deserve the self pat on the back. I didn’t sit and let these things come to me, I have worked hard, continue to work hard, selling myself and talents to those who will listen, and even those who won’t. I make them. Be brave, it’s hard, and it hurts sometimes, but it’s worth it when it works. 

Now Mariah Carey-this lady is a megastar and can do what she wants when she wants. And it was because of luck, talent, knowing the right people, and the ego to keep going. So I am going to be a mini, mini version of her and say “Yep, I am pretty good”

Here are some lemonade bars, pink lemonade bars that you can find on smitten kitchen’s blog.



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