My “real” job

My day job


I work in a crazy place. And by crazy, I mean over 40 different personalities, mostly feeling like family crazy. I have been here almost 12 years, I went  from a file clerk to my position today as reigning bossy gal, and it’s been a bumpy ride. There have been some people here with backstabbing agendas, accusing me of being things I would never be, all in the name of getting attention and getting themselves out of working.  It was not such a great place for a short time, but it always works itself out in the end.


My job-they were so wonderful when I was in culinary school, letting me come in early or in the afternoons around classes, so I could fulfill my dream of being a pastry chef. They would get very excited on days when I would have an early out class, so they could taste some of my “schoolwork”.  They would keep me awake and off the ledge when I wanted to just lay down and sleep, or cry. I am lucky that the whole floor was so supportive of a career that has nothing to do with my current one.

I make about 98% of my desserts for work. They are my judge team, my taste testers, my real recipe developers. They tell me what they like and don’t like, they hint for their favorite dessert, and they can sometimes tell my mood by how much I have baked. Some go on diets and quit for awhile, but there is always someone in the wings, ready to try that new cookie, bread, or cake I bring in.


My day job is not my “passion job” but we can’t always do the thing we love at this moment. Until then, I will keep baking for my work peeps, and let them decide what goes on this blog/in my oven. 




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