Cookbooks and apple tart

I read cookbooks like most people read regular books. Page by page, recipe by recipe, folding down the pages of things I have to make. Let’s just say my “to make” pile is getting larger and larger.  This recipe I found in a 6 dollar french cookbook at Barnes and Noble. Don’t knock the bargain section, especially if you are like me and only use a few recipes out of a cookbook which can you easily set you back $30. So I made apple tart, using store-bought puff pastry. Ever tried making it from scratch? It’s a royal pain. Even my baking teacher in culinary school said just buy it. Make a tart or tatin as the book calls it. It’s fancy and easy and tastes divine. 



2 thoughts on “Cookbooks and apple tart”

    1. Hi Cammie! It’s called ‘The French Kitchen cookbook’ by Parragon books. It’s not showing an author name, but I am sure you can find it easily on Amazon. Just a small cookbook, but full of great pictures and recipes. Enjoy!

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