A key lime pie trick and many hats

key lime

We all wear many hats. And sometimes those hats can weigh us down. And sometimes we can handle juggling with no problem. Right now I think I am doing a pretty good job of handling my many hats.  I have had the good luck of branching out from baking, to baking for friends, to doing orders, birthday cakes, etc. I have been able to branch out from there and do magazines, recipe testing, and hopefully one day a cookbook with a dear friend. 2 years ago I would have laughed at anyone who said that food and food photography were going to be my late in life passion. But damn if I don’t love the obsession of a fruit or a dish you just have to make, and executing it just like you thought you could. Or a pie recipe or a cake recipe that sounds perfect for your mood, and you go for it. I am always planning what I am going to make ahead of time for something that might not even be coming up for quite awhile. I think it’s that oldest kid thing in me. So I made this key lime pie for a summer party last year. I am seriouly in love with this picture, I purposely made it look a little rustic because I feel pie, taking a pie to someone’s house is a tradition that has been happening forever. The secret to my key lime pie is the whipped cream-I add lime zest to it to give it that extra little kick. It tints the whipped cream with flecks of green in it. Try it sometime, it changes everything.


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