Book learning

Let’s talk about culinary school for a moment. I hated it. I loved it. I am glad it’s over. I met some great people, some people who had my back when things got down and dirty, and I wanted to quit. I was scared out of my mind, tired, sad, happy, resentful, excited, and every emotion in between. I had to remake cookies for a final because they weren’t “European brown” I wasn’t aware we were in Europe or baking that way. But I also give advice about culinary school like I do about having or raising a baby-I don’t give advice. Each person and experience is different, I am not going to scare you or make you feel it’s something it might not be for you. But damn if I don’t know how to tell if something is done by my nose, or use my paddle attachment or whisk attachment as a spatula for the mixing bowl to make sure everything is incorporated. I can frost a cake, clean a kitchen or make a brownie like nobody’s business. I am glad I did it, but I am glad I am back to my life, baking when I want. That’s my rant, here are some cookies from the Dahlia Bakery cookbook. And remember to live your life, keep learning, no matter if they beat you down and give you a C. 



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