Calmness and banana bread

Someone said to me the other day “What do you know, you lead a normal life?” Hmm. We know what making assumptions does. While my life is in a quiet, more normal place, it’s far from normal. Daily stress, troubles, family issues, all the things we all deal with, I deal with. The feelings of not being good enough, wanting to be good enough, wanting to do things that aren’t possible right now, all are feelings I have inside me. I think this was the moment when I knew this person wasn’t meant to be in my life long (they are no longer)

Calmness can be hard to find in this fast paced world we live in. We have work, kids, families, car trouble, money worries, etc. But I find calmness in baking and taking pictures. It’s my therapy, my sanity, my sanctuary. I let the rest of it slide away, even for an hour. I think of what I want to make, what I want to capture in a picture, what would translate to all of you who see it, and those of you who get to eat it. My journey with baking and photography is pretty new, just a few years old, but I have put myself into 110%. As a kid I didn’t have any hobbies, wasn’t encouraged to find myself, so finding myself in my early 30’s has been an adventure that scared me, stressed me out, worried me, but ultimately made me some of the happiest moments and memories in my life.

Find what centers you, find what makes you you. Go slow, really work at it. Have the confidence and strength to fail, to succeed. Get those awesome people you have in your life, be it one or two people to cheer you on, be there when things go south. It is worth the hours, the days, the thoughts, the sacrifices, because when you get it, you have it all.

I made banana bread-sure it’s an easy one.


4 thoughts on “Calmness and banana bread”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I also find my calm in baking. I find it incredibly relaxing and it’s my “thing” in my crazy busy family life. Lovely post 🙂

    1. Thanks NickkiT! Those of us who find it our calm understand, and realize how much it can keep us sane. Happy baking/cooking!

  2. Very well put! I love that you have found a hobby & a solace. And that you are so good at it certainly shows you are doing what you should! Love this post!


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