So yeah, it’s cake

I am really proud of not only this picture, but this cake. I feel in a cliche way it’s kinda me on a plate. Layered, a bit complicated to look at, but really sweet on the inside. I have had some up and down feelings about my baking, myself, my role in my life, what I want to be/do lately, and I feel I am really expressing myself through my food. This cake is a chocolate buttermilk cake with chocolate pecan frosting-it’s in Bon Appetit’s January issue, from a restaurant in Charleston, SC. While I am sure the Fat Hen does it 10x better than I do, I really love how this cake turned out. Moist, not too sweet, with a great frosting. And I really felt good for all the compliments I received on this cake photo. So Bon Appetit, if you need an amateur on the payroll, please let me know!



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