the heart

i am brokenhearted. not in the oh a guy left me sense, in the my world is turned upside down in a way i never imagined way. and i did a few things wrong when i got the news:

i emailed the one person i promised myself i wouldn’t anymore

i asked why someone who is supposed to be there for you would do that

i let myself think things that will never happen

i dont know how or when i will get over this, i dont know if i will ever be the same, but i know i am strong enough to get through this, and i have new and old family to lean on, even though i hate leaning.

sometimes we need to rest our head on a loved ones shoulder



2 thoughts on “the heart”

  1. good for you to be strong! You are wonderful! It definitely hurts to linger on stuff like that but you know, when one door closes another opens ❤

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