Mess ups

I am the first to admit that I am not perfect. I have a temper, I read way too much into things, and I take way to long to get over stuff. Today I messed up some carrot cake cupcakes. All yesterday I had imagined how they would come out, and the pictures I would take. They did not in fact come out like I dreamed they would. I pour in too much batter. My fault. But I just let it go. I snapped a picture on my phone, which despite the mess, I found beautiful. We all mess up, we scream and yell, we make mistakes, we trip and fall. But it’s when we come back, get back up, make another batch that counts. In life, baking, or cooking, shake it off and remember that it’s the bumps in life that make us the better people we are or hope to become. Image


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