Most people make resolutions for the new year. I say if you want to change something, don’t wait until January 1st to do it. The gyms will be packed for the next few months (I do plan to get back to kickboxing, but that just happens to start back up regularly next week) people will complain about the sweets I bring to work for awhile. But I will just smile and wait for the hooplah to die down. I always want to be better, do better, do more, be more. I want to fall in love, cheer on a game, wear more heels, and laugh with my almost ready for college baby. I want to forget the old crap I am holding onto, bake more, cook more, do things I would never do. Go back to Chicago, for sure. But I am going to do that regardless of the time of year. Who knows where we will be this time in 2013, but I hope to have a lot of new memories again. Image


One thought on “questions”

  1. Hi! Love your blog! I don’t know why I didn’t know about it before. Remember I want you to come visit me in Boston! Boston before Chicago! (I’m selfish!)

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