Most people make resolutions for the new year. I say if you want to change something, don’t wait until January 1st to do it. The gyms will be packed for the next few months (I do plan to get back to kickboxing, but that just happens to start back up regularly next week) people will complain about the sweets I bring to work for awhile. But I will just smile and wait for the hooplah to die down. I always want to be better, do better, do more, be more. I want to fall in love, cheer on a game, wear more heels, and laugh with my almost ready for college baby. I want to forget the old crap I am holding onto, bake more, cook more, do things I would never do. Go back to Chicago, for sure. But I am going to do that regardless of the time of year. Who knows where we will be this time in 2013, but I hope to have a lot of new memories again. Image


losing something

ImageYou know when you misplace something, like your keys or your favorite sweater? And you have that nagging feeling of loss, that you are missing a piece of you? Yep, that is how my heart feels. But it’s almost the holiday, and i get to spend it with some of my family and friends. So I will head into the new year, hoping that the feeling will go away, because I can’t find what I am searching for. I already know where it is, but it’s out of reach. 

Comfort cookies

The secret to a good chocolate chip cookie is chilling the dough for at least 30 mins. It gives it that extra little something that makes the cookie softer and tastier when you bake it cold. Another good tip for delicious chocolate chip cookies is using sea salt instead of regular table salt. The bigger pieces give you a slight sweet/salty taste, and the salt brings out the flavor. I use one recipe for chocolate chip cookies, that recipe from my Baking Basics book from culinary school. It uses veg shortening and they come out perfect each and every time. And it’s ok to have them for dinner sometimes 🙂

cookies front milk back

new music

you know when you find a song that hits you just right, and you listen to it over and over again? I am there right now with “The way I feel” by Asa. I had never heard of her before, but I was surfing Youtube and there was she. She is from Nigeria, and she rocks. Music with soul, with meaning, that has a voice, not a bunch of tracks in the back to make a Disney star sound like a “singer” A little r and b, a little hip hop, soul, jazz, mixed together. And it’s really explaining my current mood-soulful and deep. Right now I have sugar cookie dough chilling and bread rising. So until things are ready, I am going to think about ways to change my state of mind and listen to some pretty cool music. Oh and I took some pictures of some radishes because the color hit me pretty hard.

sliced stacked radish